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The Perfect Pair: Kiełbasa & Condiments


Sausages and condiments

Though the taste and aroma of Polish kiełbasa is delicious all on its own, everyone knows that a great condiment can make for just the right flavor complement! There’s certainly a lot of great dip and side options on the Polish menu that make for the perfect pairing with kiełbasa but how do you know which condiment to pair with which sausage? 

We’ve pulled together a few recommendations from our deli and our pantry and provided some of our best suggestions for the perfect pair. Take a look!

Wiejska with cracovia horseradish

  • Piwna - Polish Beer Sausage, Hunter’s Sausage, Pork & Veal Smoked Kabanos PAIR WITH Cracovia Grated Horseradish or Kosciuszko Mustard. These double smoked and partly dry sausages have a stronger, more earthy flavor characteristic that lends itself perfectly to the sharp and piquant taste of grated horseradish or the bold and zesty flavor of Poland’s famous Kosciuszko Mustard. Cut these sausages into smaller pieces and serve on a charcuterie board with a side of the horseradish and Kosciusko Mustard for dipping to give your party platter a very flavorful element of Polish tradition.

Piwna sausage with kosciuszko mustard

  • Classic Grill Style Sausage PAIR WITH Kosciuszko Mustard and Cucumbers in Brine. No flavor combination is more classically Polish than a juicy sausage hot off the grill or campfire paired with the classic Polish Kosciuszko Mustard and a side of Polish pickled cucumbers! It’s a blend of zest and savoriness perfect for summertime!

Grill style sausage with pickles and koscziuzko

  • Jalapeño & Cheddar Grill Sausage PAIR WITH Kamis Russian Style Mustard. A truly International flavor blend, this jalapeño & cheddar grill kiełbasa is made complete with the bold and spicy flavor of the Kamis Russian Style Mustard. If you enjoy foods with some spice this juicy grill sausage & mustard are a perfect, bold flavor pairing.

jalapeno sausage with mustard

  • Blood Sausages - Krupniok & Kaszanka PAIR WITH Sauerkraut & Kosciuszko Mustard. Another classically Polish treat, the hearty and earthy taste of our blood sausages is complemented perfectly by the sour taste of traditional, Polish sauerkraut and the zesty flavor of Kosciuszko Mustard - and blend of very bold and unique flavors!

Blood sausage with koscziuzko

  • Biala Sausage PAIR WITH Lowell Mashed Beets & Horseradish. Whether fried in a skillet, grilled or baked the famous Polish “biala kiełbasa” (white sausage) is perfectly complemented by a side of mashed beets blended with horseradish. The savory, garlicky taste of the sausage is broken up by the sweet and sharp taste of the beet & horseradish blend. Top the sausage with sautéed onion and mushrooms (or bake together) and enjoy this combination with a side of Polish rye bread. A traditional Polish Easter treat, the biala kiełbasa and beets can also be enjoyed any other time of year!

Biala with mashed potato and beets

Beyond Kiełbasa: 

Whether at your outdoor summer events, at a picnic, camping or just for lunch, we hope you give these kiełbasa & deli meat flavor pairings a try this summer!


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