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Quick HUNTER’S STEW with Polana Products


HUNTER’S STEW with Polana Products


If you’ve got some leftover meats from Easter or another occasion, a great way to make the best use of them is to make the famous Polish Hunter’s Stew, otherwise known as “Bigos.” This hearty Polish stew is a staple of Polish cuisine. It’s also one of Poland’s oldest recipes, featured in Poland’s earliest cookbooks. Typically, it was a one-pot dish made to use up leftover meats from big celebrations. It continues to be used for that purpose to this day! It’s a popular dish for colder months but also one that’s made for special occasions any time of year. 

Take a look below for a very quick recipe that utilizes pre-made ingredients from Polana as well as some of favorite deli meats (or your leftovers from home!).





1. Defrost or thaw out Polana sauerkraut & mushroom stew

2. If you do choose to incorporate the pork meat, cook it in the oven according to your favorite recipe, seasoning it generously with your preferred seasonings to give it a good amount of flavor. Once the meat is done cooking, cut it into small, cube pieces and set aside with some of the cooking juices to add to the stew later in the recipe.

3. Dice the onion and garlic cloves and toss into a medium pot over a bit of oil. Begin sautéing.

4. Cut the mini sausage link and ham into small, quarter pieces and add to the onions in the pan and fry all ingredients until golden brown

5. Pour the thawed sauerkraut & mushroom stew into the pot over the other ingredients and stir thoroughly.

6. Allow the stew to gradually come to a light simmer. As the stew heats, add in the pork & a bit of its cooking juice (if you choose) as well as the beer, then salt, pepper and 2-3 tsps. of Kamis Bigos Seasoning to taste. Stir well to blend all ingredients and flavors thoroughly.

7. Keep the stew on a low simmer for about 10-15 minutes to allow the flavors to combine thoroughly.

8. Enjoy with a slice of one of our homemade artisan bread!

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