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Gluten Free Cake w/dried fruits

Gluten Free Cake w/dried fruits


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How to defrost

Gluten Free Cake w/dried fruits
Nuts and forest fruit, called “bakalie” in Polish, are a popular ingredient in many Polish deserts! This vanilla pound cake is filled with dry fruit that are a perfect reflection of this Polish tradition. Light to the taste it’s the perfect treat to enjoy with a sip of one of our Polish fruit teas!

Weight: approx 1.1lb

Sugar, corn starch, vanilla extract, food starch, potato starch, whey protein concentrate, leaving, buckwheat flour, egg white, salt, dried fruits.

Remove the cake form the freezer and refrigerate for 6 - 12 hours. Always leave the cake wrapped while it thaws. Perfect served warm, with coffee, ice cream or tea.


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