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There are many polish baked sweets that cross over from one holiday to the next but it is the Mazurek that is a signature aspect of Polish Easter specifically. It’s a must for any traditional Polish Easter celebration and is sometimes also placed in the Easter basket for blessing. 

This Mazurek is a traditional rectangular-shaped version made with layers of rose-hip jam, apricot and lemon fillings with a semi sweet chocolate frosting spread in between. It is topped with a thin layer of frosting and outlined with decorative coconut cake swirls, candied orange and Easter-themed decor elements.

This cake offers a traditional Polish sweet taste and tradition not to be missed around the Easter Holiday! 

Please note - our Mazurek cakes vary based on the color of the frosting that they are topped with. Options include a yellow (lemon), pink (strawberry) or chocolate frosting topping. 

Weight: 1.65lb

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