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Easter BAKERY Bundle

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There are many beautiful and delicious traditions that make up a Polish Easter celebration, and we’ve made shopping for all the essential items needed to recreate those traditions just a bit easier this year with bundle packages of classic Polish Easter foods. Save time and money this Easter season by purchasing our pre-made BAKERY bundle package. This bundle includes a variety of favorite Polish baked sweets & breads to enjoy during your Easter brunch along with a butter lamb, and a small Easter bread with a cross for your Polish Easter basket. 

Package includes:

  • (1) Regular Babka
  • (1) Poppy Seed Roll
  • (1) Chrust - Angel Wings
  • (1) Easter mini Babka
  • (1) Easter Basket Bread with cross
  • (1) Polish Rye Bread
  • (1) Chleb Babuni (Grandma's bread)
  • (1) Challah Loaf
  • (1) Easter Butter Lamb

If there are any additional items you’re interested in on our site that are not included in this package simply add them to your cart individually. Please note, a basket is not included with the bundle. 

Weight: approx 9lb

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