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Highlander Cheese - (Gołka Zakopianska) - Mini Pieces

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On Poland’s southeastern border lies the beautiful Tatra Mountain Range. This is not only one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Poland, it’s also the home of the Polish Highlanders, one of Poland’s most vibrant folkloric communities. Here within the valley of the Tatra’s, for centuries the highlanders have cultivated beautiful traditions around art, music, dance, and cuisine! Perhaps one of the best known culinary aspects of the Highlanders’ tradition are their smoked sheeps’ milk cheeses! Smoked to perfection in shepherd huts called “bacowki” located on the mountain pastures, they are the symbolic food product of this Polish region. Though there’s nothing quite like the experience of enjoying these cheeses along a hike through the Polish mountains, enjoying a small bite at home can at least take us partway there in sentiment and taste!

Enjoy this package of mini “Gołka” Zakopianska - a cheese made entirely of products obtained from the pure mountain areas of Zakopane (Poland’s most well known mountain town). These mini slices have an extraordinary taste and aroma. They are perfect for snacks, a cheese board, for grilling or frying, excellent in a skewer as well as a salad, but we highly recommend them lightly fried or melted over an open fire with a dab of cranberry preserves on top! It’s a flavor combination that’s sure to transfer you to the foothills of the Tatra’s and the home of the Highlanders!

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