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Dry Whole Cap Bay Boletus - Polana

Dry Whole Cap Bay Boletus


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There is nothing quite like the aroma of Polish forest mushroom to bring back memories of Christmas Eve dinner. Tuchola Forest, where this Bay Boletus were picked, is for lovers of mushrooms one of the most interesting tourist areas of the northern Polish. Dense planting area offers excellent conditions for the development of this type of flora, allowing for annual bountiful harvest. Bay Boletus is one of the most traditional mushroom picked in that wondeful forest and for sure is the favorite one. It is oftern called one of the most valuable Polish mushrooms. It has great taste and characteristic and strong aroma so is used in in many ways in Polish kitchen. The Bay Boletus Musroom are the royalty among others, they add a perfect flavor to home made bigos, kapusta, stews and soup. Try this wonderful polish delicay in your kitchen this Christmas to bring memory of Poland and it's beautiful nature.

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