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There are so many unique, aromatic and delicious foods that are a part of any traditional Polish deli. Though many of them are consumed as breakfast or lunch items or incorporated into classic Polish recipes, they are also traditionally enjoyed on their own! Polish smoked sausages, cold cuts, cheeses and more are often consumed with popular Polish condiments and sides such as horseradish sauce, mashed beets, mustards, and pickles, and it’s a popular Polish custom to serve these items for guests when entertaining.

We’ve pulled together some of the best selling items from our deli and arranged them into the perfect Polish charcuterie board! This package includes all the essentials you’ll need to put together a party platter filled with the authentic tastes and aromas of Poland. From smoked kabanosy and kielbasa, to authentic Polish Highlander cheese and all the sides to match, this combination is sure to delight the tastebuds of family and friends at any home event.

Package includes:

(1) Pork & Veal Smoked Kabanos

(1) Smoked Dry Kabanos

(1) Kielbasa Chlopska

(1) Country Head Cheese Chunk

(1) Pasztetowa kremowa (liver sausage)

(1) package of Vegan kabanos

(1) package of Highlander cheese

(1) jar of Lowicz Cranberry Preserves

(1) jar of Horseradish Cream Sauce

(1) jar of Kamis Russian-Style Mustard

(1) jar of Mashed Beets & Horseradish

(1) package of Cracovia Cucumbers in Brine

    Weight: approx 8lb

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