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Plum Pierogi - Polana

Plum Pierogi


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A staple summer treat in most of Eastern Europe and most definitely in Poland; Pierogi ze Sliwkami filled with fresh seasonal fruit. These pierogi are filled with delicious plum slices. Enjoy them with sour cream that has been sweetened with a little sugar. The result is divine!

Of all Polish foods, the best-known and loved food in the United States are pierogi. These culinary delights are perfect as a main dish, side dish, or snack. Nutritious and easy to prepare, pierogi are becoming America's new fast food.

Preparation:  Allow pierogi thaw, preferably in your refrigerator. Place thawed pierogi in a skillet with melted butter and 3 to 4 tbsp. of water on low heat and turn occasionally to brown evenly on both sides.

IMPORTANT: Avoid high heat as it tends to toughen the dough.

12 pierogi per package. 1lb.

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