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Polish Honey

A “Land flowing of milk & honey,” is the way rulers of foreign empires had historically described Poland. Indeed, in many ways Poland continues to live up to that description to this day. Poland is among the top 10 honey producing countries in the world. Its rich beekeeping traditions date back many centuries and continue to be cultivated today by somewhere close to over 50,000 beekeepers all around Poland! Sweet and healthy, polish honey comes in a countless number of varieties and each is regarded as a natural and nutritious food product containing vitamins and enzymes not found in any other foodstuffs. Though its benefits reach even beyond culinary uses, Polish honey is an essential element to many Polish desserts, dishes, to a warm cup of any Polish tea and a warm slice of Polish bread spread with butter. Select from a variety of honeys from, all imported directly from the apiaries found throughout some of the most ecologically clean terrains of Poland.

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