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Warmia  Forest Honey (Miod Spadziowy)

Warmia Forest Honey (Miod Spadziowy)


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Poland is among the top 10 honey producing countries in the world. Its rich beekeeping traditions date back many centuries and continue to be cultivated to this day by somewhere close to over 50,000 beekeepers all around Poland. Sweet and healthy, polish honey is regarded as a natural and nutritious food product containing vitamins and enzymes not found in any other foodstuffs. Some of Poland’s highest quality products come from its Warmian-Mazurian region.

This part of Poland is home to one of Poland’s most stunning landscapes. Called “The Land of a Thousand Lakes,” it is covered by over 2000 lakes and lush, age-old forests. Food products from this ecologically pure part of Poland have a particularly high quality, and that includes the honey produced by local apiaries, many of which have received numerous awards for their honey products. This forest honey features all the pure qualities of Poland’s Warmia region. A fine-grained honey from honeydew and dark-colored nectars of flowers it has a mild resinous taste and a slightly spicy aroma. It has quite a high nutritional value as well - healthy for the heart, circulation, respiratory tract, digestion and contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Enjoy it over a piece of toast with butter, mix it into a warm cup of tea or incorporate it into your favorite dessert recipes!

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