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Baking some Polish sweets? Try our traditional Polish marmalade for a filling! Marmalades is a fruit puree, thickened by evaporating excessive amounts of water with added sugar. In the final product the amount of sugar in a marmalade is at least 50% of the weight of the finished product which makes this type of fruit preserve thick and ideal for baking. Though most marmalades around the world are typically made of citrus fruit, in Poland they are made from many different kinds (and even varieties) of fruit. Due to their thicker consistency they are considered ideal for baking into cakes, shortbread cookies, gingerbread and more. 

Plum butter is a classic Polish flavor used for countless traditional desserts (such as the famous pączki, for example!). Try this plum butter marmalade for your next baked Polish recipe. 

We highly recommend it as a filling for kolaczki! See our RECIPE by here. 

Weight: 250g

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