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LARGE Polish Easter Basket Bundle

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The Polish Easter basket is filled with very specific goods made up of the items that are typically found on the Polish Easter breakfast table. Each item has a special meaning that is important to the Easter basket blessing ceremonies that are tradition on Holy Saturday. We’ve put together this large Polish Easter basket bundle filled with all the items you need to fill your basket with this year, plus quite a few more for your Easter brunch table as well. In this large package you’ll find all the foods and items that you need to make a traditional basket for blessing in addition to sausages, deli meats, sweets, condiments and ingredients to prepare Polish Easter dishes with at home. 

Filled with all the essential items you need for your Easter celebrations this bundle saves time and money on your Easter shopping. Bundle includes:

  • (1) Fresh Biala Sausage Regular
  • (1) Polish Rye Bread
  • (1) Easter Bread with cross
  • (1) Grated Horseradish
  • (1) Kosciuszko Mustard
  • (2) Wooden Eggs
  • (1) Cracovia Old-Polish Sour Rye Soup Starter
  • (1) Kamis Dry Marjoram (Majeranek)
  • (1) Babka Piaskowa
  • (1) Easter mini ham
  • (1) Easter mini sausage
  • (1) Smoked Gypsy Bacon (small chunk)
  • (1) Country-style Smoked Kielbasa (Wiejska)
  • (1) Krakow Sausage - Krakowska (SLICED)
  • (1) Easter Butter Lamb

If there are any additional items you’re interested in on our site that are not included in this package simply add them to your cart individually. Please note, a basket is not included with the bundle. 

Weight: approx 11lb

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