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Cracovia Old-Polish Sour Rye Soup Starter

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When it comes to soups, Poland’s menu has an exceptionally large selection, but there are a few national favorites that really stand out against the rest. One such favorite is “Żurek,” a sour-rye soup made on the base of fermented rye flour, flavored generously with herbs and spices and typically served with a mix of Polish white and smoked sausages, mushrooms and a halved boiled egg. It’s a Polish national favorite loved and enjoyed in Poland and in Polish communities around the world. It’s a dish enjoyed year-round, but is an especially important part of Polish Easter, when it is typically enjoyed during Easter Sunday brunch. 

This sour-rye soup starter from Cracovia is just the ingredient you need to make a classic homemade “Żurek.” The starter is made on the basis of coarsely ground rye flour, water and garlic, which create the perfect base for the classic sour taste of this favorite Polish soup. Simply add this blend to your broth along with herbs and spices to enjoy a traditional Polish sour rye soup at home. 

Follow this LINK to our recipes page for a step-by-step recipe for this classic Polish soup from Polish food blogger Anna Hurning of Polish Your Kitchen. 

Weight: 500ml, comes in a plastic bottle.

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