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Mini Swięconka Bundle

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Beautifully hand painted eggs called „pisanki,” a decorative sugar lamb, a small loaf of bread, meats like ham and sausage, grated horseradish, butter, salt and a small Bundt cake all arranged inside a basket laid with white linen and decorated with flowers, ribbons and a vibrant Polish Easter palm for a final touch - these are all the elements of the Polish Easter basket, called “Święconka.”

NEW for the 2023 Easter season this mini bundle includes all the products and accessories you need to build a traditional Polish Easter basket. Shop and save 15% on these key Easter basket items!

Package includes:

  • (1) Easter mini sausage
  • (2) Wooden Eggs 
  • (1) Easter Sugar lamb 
  • (1) Easter mini ham
  • (1) Easter basket Bread with cross 
  • (1) Grated horseradish
  • (1) Easter Mini Babka 

If there are any additional items you’re interested in on our site that are not included in this package simply add them to your cart individually. Please note, a basket is not included with the bundle. 

Weight: approx 2.7lb

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