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Christmas card w/ wafer - Oplatek z Kartka

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In Poland Christmas always begins with Wigilia - a Christmas Eve vigil supper where families and friends gather to eat a traditional dinner (typically composed of 12 meatless dishes) in celebration of the coming of Christmas the next day. The supper traditionally begins when the first evening star lights in the night sky (understood symbolically). As families gather around the dinner table they precede their meal with the breaking of the Polish Christmas wafer, called “opłatek.” One of the oldest and most treasured Wigilia traditions, the wafers are shared among all in attendance at the supper. Families and friends go around the room, each with their own opłatek in hand and extend heartfelt wishes to one another for the coming year, breaking off and eating a piece of the other’s wafer (so that the wishes come true!). The Christmas wafer is also often sent in traditional Polish Christmas greeting cards to loved ones far away as a way of sharing well wishes and blessings for the coming year. The Polish “opłatek” is a touching and heartfelt tradition that adds to the spirit and magic of the Polish holiday celebration.

Our Polish Christmas wafers come packaged in a beautiful Polish holiday greeting card. Send it with a package of Polish foods to a loved one, order a few to send as holiday greeting cards to friends and family, or feature these at your Christmas Eve Wigilia supper. 

Note: This season Oplatek will not be included with each order.


Wheat flour, water.

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