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Red Borscht

Barscz Czerwony, or Red Borscht, Poland’s famous red beet broth is, for Poles all around the world one of the most important Christmas dishes. This soup, however, is not just a holiday favorite! The red barszcz has been enjoyed in Poland since at least the 16th century, when it became a dish popular among all classes of people. Today, it’s recognized as a national dish enjoyed all over Poland with serving styles varying across different regions. 

Our borscht is based on a truly traditional Polish recipe offering a very warming, sour and delicately sweet taste. Traditionally it should be served in a bowl with small dumplings similar to pierogi called, “uszka,” or sipped from a mug with a side of crispy croquettes. Pre-cooked and delivered to you frozen, all you have to do is heat this soup on the stove and enjoy it in your preferred serving method. Whether you enjoy it for the holidays or any other time of year it is sure to warm the body and the heart with the taste and sentiment of Polish tradition.

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