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Tarczynski ORIGINAL Extra Thin Dry Kabanos

Tarczynski ORIGINAL Extra Thin Dry Kabanos


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Kabanos (Kah-bah-nos) - that’s the name for Poland’s favorite type of snack sausage. A thinner, drier version of the Polish kielbasa they are often served on party platters, taken as snacks for road trips and outdoor getaways, or enjoyed as an evening snack with a glass of wine or beer. These extra thin Kabanosy by Tarczyński are especially great both on the go and at home! This original package of extra thin sausages is made of cooked, dried pork smoked sausage. Seasoned with garlic, allspice, nutmeg, & caraway, they provide a burst of savory flavor in every bite.

Produced in Poland, they are made from the highest quality meat source, they are gluten free, and provide a great source of protein!

Weight: 4.23oz (120g)

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