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Wedel - Mieszanka Wedlowska - Mixed Chocolate Candies - Polana Polish Food Online

Wedel - Mieszanka Wedlowska - Mixed Chocolate Candies


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Mieszanka Wedlowska contains variety of chocolate covered candies made the oldest chocolate company, E.Wedel. Mix includes following candie:

Pierrot -peanut butter, chopped peanuts mixed in smooth milk chocolate.

Bajeczny - chocolate with bits of puffed wafers.

Liryk - coffee aroma, smooth white chocolate with tiny bits of almonds for crunch.

Balamutka - coconut aroma with little pieces of shredded coconut.

Nygusek - Coke and licoricearoma, dark jelly center, chocolate/Coke combo.

Paryski - fruity aroma with jelly center cherry/raspberry.

Manilla -vanilla aroma, caramel color and rich vanilla flavor.

Product of Poland.

Weight: 318g

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