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(Book) Polish Foodies - Traditional Recipes

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By Karolina & Patryk Klesta 

Introduce classic Polish foods into your everyday menu with this one-stop guide to Polish cooking by Karolina & Patryk Klesta, creators of the POLISH FOODIES blog! Every foodie loves the idea of trying new flavors and eating national dishes from different parts of the world. This cookbook offers an authentic glimpse behind the door of Polish kitchens. The authors, Karolina and Patryk Klesta, welcome you into their personal cookhouse to share not only delicious recipes but also their love for food, the story of their family, and an insight into the Polish culture and tradition. This cookbook offers over 190 classic Polish recipes! From breakfasts, to dinners, snacks, baked goods and more, it's a great guide to all the basics of traditional Polish cuisine! 

English language cookbook.

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