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Christmas Eve Package - Serves 5 - 6 - Polana

Christmas Eve Package - Serves 5 - 6


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Jaka będzie Wigilia, taki będzie caly rok is a traditional Polish proverb meaning: As is wigilia, so is the entire year. This is why Christmas Eve is so important for all Eastern Europeans and is the main focus of Christmas. This meatless Christmas Eve meal, also known as the Star Supper, doesn't begin until the first star appears in the sky. It's a magical time when it is believed animals can talk and humans can predict the future. Not a morsel of food is eaten until every member of the family has broken the opłatek with each other and exchanged wishes for good health, long life and prosperity.

For your convenience we've prepared everything you need this Christmas Eve:

Christmas Wafer - 1

Uszka Wigilijne - Forest Mushroom - 1 package (12 pieces)

Potato and Cheese PierogI - 1 package (12 pieces)

Sauteed Sauerkraut with Forest Mushroom - 2 lb

Sauerkraut and Mushroom Croquettes - 1 package (5 pieces)

Clear Red Borscht - 1 bottle (26 oz)

Herring Fillets in Oil - 1 package

Poppy Seed Roll - 1

Merry Christmas!

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