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Christmas Wafer w/Hey - Szopka - Oplatek Swiateczny - 4 large


  • $ 299

Polish, Slovak and Lithuanian families observe the centuries-old Oplatki Christmas Tradition. The word Oplatki means "Angel Bread". They come in 4 beautiful Christmas images along with Traditional Polish Christmas Card. Tradition of breaking off and exchanging part of opłatek with someone is symbol of forgiveness between two people and is meant to remind participants of the importance of Christmas, God, and family. Family members break the Oplatek wishing each other good health and happiness in the New Year. The Christmas Wafer is known as the bread of love and is often sent by mail to absent members of family. It is a must on Christmas Eve and wonderful tradition to share with you loved ones.

The include hey which is usually put  put under a white tablecloth in memory of Jesus in the manger.

Note: This season Oplatek will not be included with each order.

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