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DELI Basket

DELI Basket


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There are many beautiful and delicious traditions that make up a Polish Easter celebration, and we’ve made shopping for all the essential items needed to recreate those traditions just a bit easier this year with bundle packages of classic Polish foods. This bundle includes Polish sausages, hams, bacon, sliced deli meats and more + all the condiments you need to enjoy these classic Polish deli meats.

If there are any additional items you’re interested in on our site that are not included in this package simply add them to your cart individually.

Deli Easter Basket includes:

Mini Ham - 1

Mini Sausage - 1

Kabanosy - 1

Biala sausage - 1

Wiejska - country style smoked sausage - 1

Homemade smoked ham (szynka domowa) - 1

Polish Style Canadian Bacon (Poledwica Pojedynca) Sliced - 1

Grated horseradish - 1

Sauce horseradish - 1

Kosciuszko mustard - 1

Horseradish w/beets - 1


Please note: products come in individual sealed packages, no basket included.

Weight: approx 13.5lb

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