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Grill Sausage with Cheese - 4 links

Grill Sausage with Cheese - 4 links


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Grilliing sausages with cheese are juicy, full of flavor and aroma.Similar to our extremely popular original grill sausage, this sausage has the addition of fresh mozzarella incorporated into the meat. The result is an incredibly moist sausage with tones of smoked mozzarella.

This sausage and is a favorite cooking method especially in the summer.Do not pierce the skins. This will release the fat and juices and create flame flare-ups that will burn the sausage and dry out the inside. Cook over a low flame using a gas grill, and cook slowly to prevent the skins from bursting.

For a charcoal grill, wait until the charcoal has some white ash and is not too hot. You can cook with your grill’s lid closed to heat the sausages through.

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