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Juniper Sausage-Jalowcowa-  12 oz

Juniper Sausage-Jalowcowa- 12 oz


  • $ 899

To Poles the world over, the scent of juniper, a wild shrub with pungently flavored berries, is associated with forests, the great outdoors, hunting and other outdoor pursuits. Juniper is the main flavor highlight of this firm, full-bodied, smoked sausage. In addition to being seasoned with crushed juniper berries, it is also smoked in juniper-wood smoke. That means that this sausage does not require refrigeration and has an extremely long 'shelf life'.You can take juniper sausage to picnics and camping sites, on fishing trips and hunting expeditions. But it is also an excellent snack anywhere and anytime

For best results, allow meat to fully thaw in your refrigerator.


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