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Kielbasa Piwna (Smoked Beer Sausage)

Kielbasa Piwna (Smoked Beer Sausage)


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Though the name may imply it, beer is not an ingredient of this flavorful smoked sausage. The name of this traditional style of Polish sausage is derived from the final shape of its casing. The pork bladders when stuffed with meat and tied on both ends, resembled a little beer barrel and this is how the name of this sausage originated. This unique sausage is made according to an old-world recipe and tradition. It is triple-smoked and made from the highest quality meats inlcuding elements of pork ham. It has a long preparation process, taking up to 3 days to make. It is smoked three times before it is completed. Flavored with garlic, salt and pepper this kielbasa is great enjoyed on its own with some mustard or horseradish (and a bottle of beer!), or added into classic, Polish dishes!

Weight: approx 1lb

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