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Knorr Boletus Soup w/ Onion (Zupa Borowikowa z Cebulką)

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Savor the forest's bounty with every spoonful of Knorr's Instant Creamy Boletus & Onion Soup, a Polish culinary treasure that brings the natural essence of the woods directly to your dining table. Available now at, this comforting soup embodies the rich and earthy flavors of boletus mushrooms, a cherished ingredient in Polish kitchens, blended seamlessly with the sweet depth of onions.

Crafted for convenience without compromising on taste, this creamy soup is a revelation in quick dining—offering a warm, satisfying dinner that's ready in mere moments. Its robust and enticing aroma is reminiscent of a stroll through Poland’s lush forests after a rain, with the promise of mushrooms underfoot. Each mouthful is thick and hearty, ensuring that every bowl is not just a meal, but an event that fills you and your family with contentment and warmth.

  • Product of Poland
  • Weight: 50g
Recipe directions

Simply add a cup of hot water and you're set!


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