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Sweet'n Smoky Sausage - Krotoszynska


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Description: Krotoszyn is a small city in central Poland, which lays 55 mi south-east of the regional capital Poznań, known for its great meat and sausages. One of the best of all is "kielbasa Krotoszynska" made by following old fashioned recipes and with no preservatives other than natural garlic, salt and pepper. We love this sausage for its lean, light texture and double smoked color and flavor. It is a great cold cut sausage, gift or snack.

Ingredients: Pork, Water, Salt, Fresh Garlic, Sugar, Black Pepper For best results: cut open the vacuum pack and let sausage slowly defrost in the refrigerator.

Way to defrost: The product comes in a sealed, vacuum package. For best results, allow meat to fully thaw in your refrigerator.

Weight: 4 links, 1.5lb

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