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Kupiec Buckwheat Groats (Kasza Gryczana Biala)

Kupiec Buckwheat Groats (Kasza Gryczana Biala)


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One of the most popular elements of Polish cuisine since at least as far back as the middle ages have been groats. For centuries numerous varieties of these ancient grains have appeared on Poland’s dining tables. Not only are they a popular and timeless Polish ingredient, they are also incredibly healthy, and perhaps the healthiest of them all is, buckwheat! Some of its beneficial effects on the body include:

  • Great for weight loss – this grain digests slowly and keeps you filled longer.
  • Great source of magnesium, iron, vitamin E and lecithin.
  • It’s heart healthy – helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.
  • It’s Gluten Free! – does not cause allergies and safe for gluten free diets

Product of Poland.

Weight: 4x100g.

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