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Lowell Baked Beans w/Tomato & Mushroom

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“Fasolka po bretońsku,” a baked bean & tomato stew is a popular warming dish enjoyed in Poland. Combined with mushrooms (and often the addition of traditional Polish sausage, ham or bacon) it makes for a filling and delicious dinner! This jar from Polana contains a ready-to-eat version of this delicious Polish specialty. A mix of beans, mushrooms in a tomato concentrate flavored with bay leaf, caraway and marjoram, it’s a flavorful stew that you simply need to reheat to enjoy!

If you want to enjoy the traditional meat version simply head over to Polana’s Deli page to select the bacon and kielbasa to pair! Simply chop and fry your meats and toss them into this ready “fasolka” mix to enjoy!

  • Product of Poland.
  • Weight: 850g

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