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Lowell Bigos Hunter's Stew

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Right next to pierogi, żurek and gołąbki there is perhaps no dish more Polish than Bigos! Poland’s hearty Hunter’s Stew is one of the most loved dishes on the Polish menu. A flavorful blend of stewed cabbage & sauerkraut combined with forest mushrooms, a mix of smoked kielbasa and bacon all seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices like cloves, allspice, pepper, & bay leaves, it makes for a filling and delicious dish! 

Though great to enjoy, this favorite Polish stew may be a bit time consuming to make, so if you’re craving a bowl of Bigos but don’t have the time to make it from scratch, try this ready-to-eat Bigos in a jar from Polana! Simply pour it into a saucepan to reheat and enjoy! This ready-to-eat Bigos is meatless - just the cabbage, mushrooms and spices, but if you want to enjoy the full version with meat, you can head over to our DELI page to pick out a Polish bacon and kielbasa to pair! Simply chop and fry your meats and toss them into this ready Bigos mix & enjoy! 


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  • Weight: 880g
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