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Manuka Honey Tea with Cranberry & Ginger - Loyd

Manuka Honey Tea with Cranberry & Ginger - Loyd


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When creating this extraordinary tea the Loyd brand reached for a delicacy from the other side of the world: manuka honey from New Zealand, intriguing with its velvety, yet sharp flavor. It was then combined with juicy cranberries,  and a vivid note of oriental ginger. This is how one of the most sophisticated LOYD teas was born.

The intriguing manuka honey along with the juicy cranberry,  and the sensual ginger create an unparalleled tea symphony. Thanks to the fact that all the ingredients have been placed in special, three-dimensional pyramid teabags, water has unfettered access to the dry ingredients resulting in an infusion that dazzles with a wealth of unusual flavors and aromas.

Enjoy this LOYD Manuka Honey tea with Cranberry and Ginger in moments of relaxation or when you wish to take your senses on an exotic journey to the very ends of the earth…

Brewing suggestions: put a tea bag into a cup and put over with 200 ml of boiling water. Brew for 5 minutes for best taste. 

Box includes 20 tea bags with 40g of tea each.

Weight: 1.4oz

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