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How to defrost

There are a number of Polish sweets enjoyed around Easter that also cross over to other holidays and celebrations, but it is the Mazurek that symbolizes the Easter table, specifically. This flat cake is characterized by its elaborate decorative designs. However, because the Mazurek is such an iconic Polish dessert, we're making it available year-round! Our Mazurek is made with a shortbread style dough and is marked by its very decorative combination of toppings. The cake features a layer of butterscotch topped over a plum jam decorated with a combination of almond shaves, coconut shavings and/or candied fruit.  

Weight: 1.4lb

Flour, milk, eggs, butter, butterscotch, caramel layer, rose hip jam, almonds.

Toppings: candied oranges and lemons, coconut shavings, almond shavings, chocolate candies and sprinkles (exact combination of toppings vary by cake)

Remove the cake from the freezer and refrigerate for 6 - 12 hours. Always leave the cake wrapped while it thaws.


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