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Mulled Wine Tea - Traditional - Loyd


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This is a rather interesting tea with a lot of ‘stuff’ in it. I didn’t have high expectations here, but I was quite surprised that this tea was better then I thought.

The liquor is very aromatic, sweet and smooth even more aromatic then most spiced chai teas. At first you can smell the cinnamon and cloves, but also mulled wine and citrus aroma at a deeper level. With the first sip you can pretty much only taste the sweetening substances and a mild sour flavor – somewhat of a lemonade. The sugar kills a lot of the flavors, but this kind of tea it usually intended to be consumed with sugar or honey. After a few first sips you start feeling a tingling sensation on the tongue and in the mouth – like when you drink red wine or heated simply mulled wine. The flavor also reminds me of sweet grapes.

This tea does actually contain alcohol – the ready made beverage can have up to 0,5%. It can also be prepared in alternative ways – for example you can add a tea bag to 0,5 l beer and head them up together. You can drink the Mulled Wine tea in the evenings since it doesn’t contain and camellia sinensis.

Also referred to as “Grzaniec Zbojnicki” this tea is characteristic to the traditional cuisine of Gorals, who live in mountains located in the south of Poland. You might come across this beverage visiting the local restaurants there.

Ingredients: apple, hibiscus flower, orenge peel, black currant, black chokeberry, briar-rose, cloves, cinnamon, wine aroma, aroma containing instant alcohol, licorice, ginger, malic acid, sweetening substances.

Weight: 1.4oz

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