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Pasieka Acacia Honey (Miod Akacjowy)

Pasieka Acacia Honey (Miod Akacjowy)


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Poland is among the top 10 honey producing countries in the world. Its rich beekeeping traditions date back many centuries and continue to be cultivated to this day by somewhere close to over 50,000 beekeepers all around Poland. Sweet and healthy, polish honey is regarded as a natural and nutritious food product containing vitamins and enzymes not found in any other foodstuffs.

"Pasieka" based in Toruń is one of the oldest enterprises in the beekeeping industry in Poland. Since 1937 it has been supporting Polish beekeepers in their work and providing consumers with the highest quality bee products in Poland and abroad.

This Acacia honey is made from the flowers of the acacia robinia and has a light yellow color and a delicate aroma similar to that of its flowers. It is characterized by a pure, sweet taste. Like other honeys, it too has a number of nutritional benefits, including soothing & calming, strengthening, regulating digestion, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and more!

Enjoy it over a piece of toast with butter, mix it into a warm cup of tea or incorporate it into your favorite dessert recipes!

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Weight: 370 g

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