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Podlaska RIBS Seasoning (do zeberek)

Podlaska RIBS Seasoning (do zeberek)


  • $ 899

The Dary Natury product line from Poland specializes in restoring the use of herbs in everyday diet by creating natural, ecological, top-quality products made of ingredients picked straight from Poland’s bountiful fields, forests and soil of the Polish Podlasie region. This spice mixture gives ribs an excellent flavor and aroma. The meat, sprinkled with this spice blend, acquires a beautiful and decorative appearance.

Ingredients include: carrots, parsnips, onion, parsley, garlic, sweet pepper, ginger, hot pepper, tomato, basil, marjoram, white mustard, black pepper, ground cinnamon, rosemary, bay leaf.

  • Net weight: 40g.
  • Product of Poland

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