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Low Fat Polish Farmers Cheese -12 oz

Low Fat Polish Farmers Cheese -12 oz


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Polish Farmers cheese (typically referred to as white cheese) is one of the most unique tasting cheeses in the world. Polish farmer cheese is a special type of farmer’s cheese that has been perfected over generations in Poland and is finally available in the USA. It has a special texture. At first glance you may think that it resembles common yellow cheese but after a closer look, it appears that this one is much more soft and juicy. The taste is in fact slightly tart, but that's the greatest charm of white cheese. Level of tart flavor depends of the preparation time (longer = more tart), since the milk is leavened and has a thicker quality. It’s made from the milk of a cow and belongs to the fresh cheese group. Farmers cheese is commonly use as an appetizer, as well as a filler for pierogi, crapes and cheesecakes.

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