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Polish Sausage Sandwich Package


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There's no better kind of sandwich to pack into your lunch bag than a Polish sandwich! Try this pre-made package filled with all the ingredients you need to make a delicious Polish Sausage lunch sandwich with Polish food ingredients and a few added snacks to make your lunch complete!

Package includes:

(1) loaf of 7 Grain bread, (1) package of sliced Krakow Sausage, (1) jar of Kosciuszko mustard, (1) package of Tarczynski Bacon kabanos, (1) package of Cucumbers in Brine, (1) package of Krowki fudge candies 

Build your Polish Sausage Sandwich  with two slices of 7 Grain bread spread with butter and topped with lettuce, tomato, 2-3 slices of Polana’s Krakow sausage, fresh dill and Kosciuszko mustard on top! Try this with a Polish pickle & an extra thin bacon flavored kabanos on the side!

Weight: 4 lb