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Prymat - Goulash Seasoning - Przyprawa do Gulaszu

Prymat - Goulash Seasoning - Przyprawa do Gulaszu


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Goulash is one of the best known Hungarian dishes around the world, and it has also become an extremely popular dish in Poland. This thick stew made with meat, peppers and tomatoes is one of Poland’s favorite meat dishes! Served with mashed potatoes or potato pancakes this is a common dinner dish in Polish cuisine. When we want to make the goulash exceptionally tasty, it is worth reaching for this Prymat goulash spice for Hungarian dishes. 

This mixture wonderfully enriches the taste and aroma of meat and vegetable stews, all this thanks to the perfect composition of herbs, spices and dried vegetables. The mixture consists of: salt, sweet pepper, carrot, hot pepper, garlic, onion, mustard, coriander, parsley, chili, savory, allspice, cumin, marjoram, black pepper and thyme.

Add this seasoning to your cart and enjoy a traditional goulash (gulasz) dish for dinner! For a recipe for a traditional Polish gulasz visit our recipe page here. 


Weight: 20g

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