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Red Borscht + Uszka = Ideal Pair - Polana

Red Borscht + Uszka = Perfect Pair


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To save your time and make you enjoy the holiday season we decided to pair must-have products on Christmas.

Product 1.

Uszka, "little ears" in Polish, are handmade small dumplings usually filled with mushroom, sauerkraut and mushroom or meat. They are usually served with borscht, though they can be eaten alone. 1 package, 1 lb

Product 2.

Beet Borscht is one of the most traditional Polish soups. This elegant, clear burgundy soup has an earthy beet flavor, which we enhanced with just the right sweet, sour, and wine tones as well as highlights of mushroom flavor. Distinctive, and unforgettable!

Ready to Serve - bottle - 26 oz.

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