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Sliced Deli Meats PACKAGE (LARGE)

Sliced Deli Meats PACKAGE (LARGE)


  • $ 5999
  • Save $ 1000

Shop and save with this sliced deli meats combo package, featuring a combination of our classic Polish (sliced) deli meats! If you like to add deli meats to your lunch sandwiches, incorporate them into your breakfast meals or offer them as appetizers while entertaining this larger selection of our best cold cuts combined with all the dips and sides to match will be just what you’re looking for all in one bundle!

Package includes: (2) Boneless Smoked Ham Sliced, (2) Krakow Sausage sliced, (1) head cheese sliced, (1) Canadian bacon/sopocka sliced, (1) Kamis Deli Mustard, (1) Grated Horseradish, (1) cucumbers in brine 

Total weight: approx 4lb

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