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SMALL Polish Easter Basket Bundle

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Święconka - that’s the name for the characteristic Polish Easter basket! An annual tradition in Poland and among Polish communities around the world, the Polish Easter basket taken to church for blessing on Holy Saturday contains a specific group of foods and items that each carry an important symbolism tied to the Easter holiday. This small bundle package contains all of the basic items that should be a part of the Polish Easter Basket - from decorative wooden eggs, to classic Polish deli meats, babka cake and more! 

Shop and save 15% with this bundle package. Contents include:

  • (1) Fresh Biala Sausage - Regular
  • (1) Easter Basket Bread with cross
  • (1) Horseradish sauce
  • (2) Wooden Eggs
  • (1) White Barszcz instant soup packet
  • (1) Easter mini Babka
  • (1) Easter mini ham
  • (1) Easter mini Sausage

If there are any additional items you’re interested in on our site that are not included in this package simply add them to your cart individually. Please note, a basket is not included with the bundle. 

Weight: approx 4lb

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