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Valentine's Dinner Package for 2 - Polana

Valentine's Dinner Package for 2


  • $ 10000

Avoid the hassle of a reservation and have a romantic evening shipped straight to your door!

Start your meal with some warm borsch to make your heart skip a beet! The meal is served with a side of our polish rye bread to show your sweetie how much you loaf them. Our seasonal krotoszynska sausage is sure to be as sweet and smoky as your evening. There’s no room to be salty with potato pancakes as the perfect side. Our weselna wedding sausage is certain to have bells ringing and sarepska mustard will add some spice to the night. Gołąbki, a customer favorite, is sure to show how mushroom you have in your heart. The sweet cheese pierogi served with raspberry jam is the appropriate amount of cheesiness to add to your day. Wash your meal down with some hot tea for your hottie. Finish your night with a classic babka, because no one takes the cake quite like your person. If that’s not enough a chocolate heart and two toffee bars are also included, in case you need to add some extra sweetness.

Nowhere else can you find such an excellent deal with plenty of leftovers to spare this Valentine’s day.

Package includes:

- Rosehip Tea - 1

- Red Borsch - 1

- Krotoszynska - 1

- Weselna Wedding Sausage - 1

- Sarepska Mustard - 1

- Polish Rye Bread - 1

- Rice and Cabbage Rolls w/ mushroom sauce - 1

- Potato Pancakes - 1

- Sweet cheese pierogi - 1

- Raspberry Jam - 1

- Babka - 1

- Chocolate Heart Tin - 1

Extra Wedel Toffee Bar x2

With Love from Polana