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Kompot Wigilijny - Polish Christmas Compote

Kompot Wigilijny - Polish Christmas Compote

This Holiday season, enjoy a traditional Polish Christmas beverage called “Kompot Wigilijny.” This heart-warming beverage composed of dried fruit & spices is one of the 12 distinct dishes of the Polish Christmas Eve tradition. It is a delicious compliment to the other traditional dishes served at Polish Christmas and is not only very tasty but also supports digestion and contains numerous vitamins! 

It is very easy and quick to make. Simply place the fruit and a few spices in a bot and cook for about 15 minutes. Take a look at this simple recipe. You can find the authentic ingredients you need to make this recipe at the links provided in the list below! 

Wesołych Świąt & Smacznego! 


  • 380 g (2 bags) of dried fruit mix from Polana 
  • 5 cloves
  • 2 sticks of cinnamon 
  • Half a small lemon (approx. 20 ml of squeezed juice)
  • Cracovia Linden Honey for taste 
  • 10 cups of filtered water
dried fruits


  • Rinse the dried fruit with cold filtered water. 
  • Fill a pot with 10 cups of filtered water, add all dried fruit to the water in the pot, cover with a lid and set aside for 12 hours. It is best to let the fruit soak overnight. The fruit will absorb a lot of water and swell.
  • After soaking, add the cloves and cinnamon sticks to the pot of water and fruit.
  • Cover the pot with a lid (you can leave a small gap) and bring to a boil. After the compote boils, reduce the power of the burner to such that the dried compote is only gently boiling. Cook the Christmas compote for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes add the lemon juice and continue to cook on low heat for another 10 minutes. 
  • Remove from the stove. Strain the compote into a punch bowl or jar. 
  • Enjoy at room temperature or heat before serving. Add some Polish honey to each serving cup for a bit of added sweetness. 
  • Set the cooked fruit aside or add into each serving cup to enjoy their taste and nutritional value!
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