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The aromas of fresh baked breads or smoked sausages, a heartwarming bowl of sour rye soup, a steaming plate of pierogi or a mouthwatering stuffed cabbage dish, the first soft bite of a pączek bursting with the sweet flavor of a fruit jam… for millions of Americans these are the tastes and aromas of home and fond family memories. For some they carry the memory of an old childhood neighborhood. For others, they may bring back favorite moments from a visit to Poland and for many, they are the way by which the traditions of a Polish heritage can be kept alive. Regardless of the exact connection, there is no doubt that Polish foods delight not only with their taste but also with the sentimental value they hold.

This is the value that Polana founder and owner, Mario Machnicki, wanted to share with Americans around the U.S. when he set out to create a Polish foods delivery service over 25 years ago. Born and raised in Poland, and now a Chicago native of many years, Mario often took Polish foods and goods to friends living outside of Illinois during summertime family road trips. Seeing the joy and sentiment that lit up the face of those who were able to get a small taste of their Polish heritage delivered to them was a truly rewarding feeling, and it is precisely that which soon after inspired Mario and his family to create a platform that would make Polish goods accessible to Americans at large.

The Polana Polish Food delivery service was born in 1996, headquartered in the large Polish American community of Chicago, it functioned for many of its early years as a mail order food catalogue. With a combination of the highest quality imported goods from Poland as well as freshly prepped traditional Polish foods (smoked sausages, pierogi, breads, soups, etc.) made by the Polish culinary experts of Chicago, the Polana Polish Foods catalogue became a way for millions of Americans who share a love for Polish food and culture to bring cherished traditions and tastes back to life in their own homes.

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With the fast evolution of online shopping, Polana has in recent years moved over to an e-commerce platform, making it even easier for millions of Americans to access their favorite Polish tastes no matter where they reside within the U.S..  

Just as it had from the very beginning, today Polana continues to not only offer a wide array of Polish foods but promises a high quality above all. Like many who trace their heritage back to Poland, the Machnicki family pride themselves upon sharing the very best of their culture and its cuisine. Thus, on you’ll find only the best quality of Polish goods, carefully sourced and held up to the highest standard of taste and tradition.

We invite you to try our products for yourself or send a thoughtful package to a special someone. Polana delivers Polish foods and ingredients nationwide and has authentic Polish recipes online as well. The best foods from Poland can now be delivered from Chicago to your doorstep anywhere within the U.S.

As for the name, “Polana” is the polish word for a clearing in a forest, an open pasture that makes the perfect place for a picnic, a picnic typically composed of favorite foods brought from home. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience on and fill your baskets with favorite Polish foods that bring back sentiments of childhood, trips abroad, time shared with cherished relatives, and memories of home.

Our logo at Polana Polish Food proudly features the emblematic image of Bacchus, symbolized by a vase overflowing with an abundance of food and surrounded by cherubic figures. This motif draws deeply from Polish artistic traditions and the rich narratives of Renaissance and Baroque periods, where classical mythology profoundly influenced the arts. Bacchus, the deity of wine and earthly pleasures, particularly resonates within the realm of food and drink, embodying the sensory delights and opulence of Polish gastronomy.
The logo’s design intricately links these elements to represent our commitment to providing high-quality, traditional Polish cuisine. Incorporating the phrases “Polana Polish Food” and “25 Years of Tradition” within the logo underscores our long-standing commitment and dedication to authentic Polish culinary experiences. This design not only highlights our enduring legacy but also our continual service over a quarter-century in providing high-quality, traditional Polish cuisine. The logo serves as a testament to our brand’s quality, service, and authenticity, echoing our heritage and the profound joy of Polish dining.


Machnicki Family & Team Polana

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