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Polish Teas & More – Polskie Herbaty i Ciepłe Napoje

Polish Teas & More – Polskie Herbaty i Ciepłe Napoje

Herbata (Her-bah-tah). That’s how you say “Tea” in Polish! Though in many countries in Europe coffee is the drink of choice, in Poland it is tea that takes first place, by far. Herbata, or sometimes called "herbatka" in endearing terms, is traditionally consumed in glass containers with metal holders (so as not to burn one's fingers holding the class). Enjoyed all year round, there are many popular varieties - from basic, black teas to herbal teas made with blends of dried leaves, blossoms, berries and herbs. Herbata is often enjoyed with lemon and sugar, but it is also popularly sweetened with fresh (often homemade) fruit syrups or honey. However you take your herbatka, we've got a wide selection of classic Polish teas to choose from here on Imported straight from Poland these teas are sure to bring back the tastes and sentiments of true Polish tradition. Visit our jams & syrups and honey sections to pair your Polish tea selections with classic the Polish tea sweeteners to match.

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