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Polish Herbs & Spices – Polskie Zioła i Przyprawy

Polish Herbs & Spices – Polskie Zioła i Przyprawy

The tastes of the dishes that we crave are usually created by the blend of herbs and spices that are used to flavor these favorite foods. Poland’s fields and forests abound in these natural ingredients and that’s why there’s a long tradition of using certain herbs as seasonings in Polish cuisine. Furthermore, with its central location on the European continent Poland was for many centuries a crossroads of international trade. As merchants travelled to its cities to exchange their goods, many exotic spices and ingredients from afar also made their way into Polish dishes. Today flavorings like cumin and allspice are key ingredients in many Polish recipes. In order to give your homemade foods the distinct Polish flavor they require, we’ve pulled together a variety of herb & spice blends made just for classic Polish dishes! Imported from Poland, these seasoning blends are sure to give your Polish foods exactly the authentic Polish flavors you crave. 

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