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Pączki – that’s a well-known word not just in Poland but in the U.S. too! These Polish “donuts” have even come to have their own holiday in America! Typically enjoyed in Poland on Fat Thursday, they’ve also become a key element of Fat Tuesday celebrations for many Americans, so much so, that the day is often referred to as “Pączki Day!”

Though Poland’s delicious, deep-fried donuts may be a symbol of the final days of Carnival, they are actually a Polish tradition enjoyed in Poland year-round! No Polish bakery would be complete without them. That’s why we’ve pulled together a wide selection of popular pączki flavors and made them available on our site. From traditional fillings such as plum butter or rose hip jam to other varieties such as apricot, blueberry, strawberry or cream custard we’ve got all the flavors to suit your pączki cravings on Fat Tuesday or any other day of the year too!

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