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Inka - Polish Grain Coffee

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Grain coffee has been a popular beverage in Poland since the 19th century, serving as an alternative to traditional black coffee. The tradition of Polish grain coffee is continued to this day by brands like Inka. 

Inka’s roasted grain beverage originating from Poland and consists primarily of a mixture of roasted rye, barley, chicory, and sugar beet (72%). The roasting and other production processes give this coffee a similar taste and aroma without the caffeine. There are no artificial ingredients or additives. 

Originally created in 1971 as a substitute during coffee shortages, its popularity is maintained by increasing interest in naturally caffeine-free beverages and its status as an ideal alternative for those who love coffee but wish to avoid caffeine.

Inka grain coffee tastes like real coffee, and is a great coffee replacement. Easy to make and even more enjoyable to drink! 

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  • Product of Poland.
  • Weight: 7.05oz (200g.)

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