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Poppy Seed Roll

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This classic Polish dessert is a must at Christmas time, but enjoyed and loved by many throughout the year. Made with fragrant yeast dough and a generous amount of poppy seed filling. The top of the cake is glazed with powder-sugar icing. Once you try it you will be hooked forever, the aroma and taste is unforgettable.

Weight: 8" half, approx 0.95 lb


Poppy seeds, wheat flour, eggs, yeast, prunes, water, sugar, salt, honey, soy oil, raisins, walnuts.

How to defrost

Polana’s bakery products are shipped in frozen condition to preserve their good quality and great taste! When you are ready to enjoy your poppy seed roll from, simply place the cake on plate on the kitchen counter and allow it to thaw out for about 6-12 hours, or leave out overnight (it will be ready to enjoy by morning!). Always keep the cake wrapped while it thaws.


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